Our Perspective

We believe in good business - the kind that helps our community, our environment and inspire the younger generation. Our Corporate Responsibility Program encourages us to always look at the broader impact of our activities on our customers, employees, communities and the environment.

Here at Teva, we are committed to understanding the broader impact of our business on our consumers, employees, communities and the environment at large. While we're just one brand, we recognize that we're in a unique position to galvanize sustainable business practices, and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

Our Teva fans are everything to us, and we admire your passion for ethically-made, environmentally-conscious products. As such, we're committed to communicating our efforts with full transparency. While sustainability is a long journey, we can say without a doubt, it's one of the most rewarding ones. In our constantly-evolving world, we find it absolutely necessary to protect our people, maintain our purpose and preserve the environment for future generations. That's our Teva promise.


Joining the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2016 was a no-brainer. We proudly teamed up with over 9,500 participating companies that comprise the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. The move signified a deeper commitment to conducting business with the utmost respect for human rights, labor standards, responsible environmental practices and anti-corruption. This partnership requires an annual statement of progress (our Corporate Responsibility Report) which helps keep us accountable. We're proud to report that we’ve adopted our own sustainable development goals (e.g. our "7 by 2027") focused around categories that we can most greatly impact. Things like Waste, Water, Materials, Chemicals, Climate and Clean Energy, Human Rights, and Gender Equality and Quality Education, just to name a few. We like to think of our Sustainable Development Goals as guardrails of ourlisa program – they help keep us focused on making a difference in quantifiable ways.



Policies and Principles

We have adopted robust policies, which define the guidelines that the company follows for the effective implementation of our Corporate Responsibility initiatives. Our policies go beyond just maintaining the minimum requirements necessary to abide by law.

Our policies go beyond simply meeting the minimum requirements necessary by law. We've put them in place to keep us focused and aligned, both maintaining complete transparency with our consumers and setting expectations for potential partners.

Ethical Sourcing and Animal Welfare Policy

Deckers Code of Ethics

Paper and Forest Procurement Policy

Restricted Substances Packet

Conflict Minerals Policy

Ethical Supply Chain Supplier Code of Conduct

Global Factory Locations

Corporate Responsibility Reports



Our People

We embrace each other's differences and know that our diversity allows us to continue to develop unique, quality-driven products for our equally diverse customers. We have a deep-rooted company culture that encourages our employees to be who they are.


We’ve always been a brand that celebrates diversity and personal expression. Creating a culture of inclusion is bedrock to the Teva way of life and w've worked to create a space where employees can contribute equally regardless of gender, gender identity, age, race, disability or sexual orientation. In the spirit of inclusion, our Code of Ethics is biannually circulated to reinforce these core values. It's paramount that each and every one of our employees understands and commits to our Code’s tenets


As with most things in life, we’re better when we work together. With this insight in mind, we're focused on actively elevating our standards alongside benchmark-setting brands. We're continually working to advance our own ethical supply chain program and promote a healthy, safe environment for our factory workers. Our Ethical Supply Chain Supplier Code of Conduct is based off International Labor Organization Standards. Additionally, we have teams in both China and Vietnam who audit our partners annually against our Ethical Supply Chain Supplier Code of Conduct.

W're big on teamwork, too. In the regions where we do't have local expertise, we partner with programs like Better Work to advance health and safety issues affecting our industry. Our audit questionnaire consists of 230 yes/no questions to help eliminate personal bias. Audit scores are immediately uploaded into Fair Factory Clearinghouse which give us the unique ability to benchmark against other brands. Our Executive team also meets periodically throughout the year to review the performance scorecards of our key partners. Suffice to day, we take our supply chain pretty seriously.



Our Environment

We are committed to the environment and greenhouse gas reduction. We promote greater environmental responsibility and encourage the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Here at Teva, energy consumption is not something we take lightly. We're hyper-vigilant about integrating climate change measures into our policies and planning. We're also big on metrics. We routinely measure energy consumption at our corporate HQ, Moreno Valley distribution center, and most of our US retail store locations. More so, we monitor and set reduction targets for key supply chain partners' global energy usage because we've found that our most significant emissions result from the production level


The fashion industry is the largest contributor of carbon emissions outside of the fossil-fuel industry. We're hoping to lessen our impact with a laser-focus on our manufacturers. Given that China relies heavily on coal, we transitioned the majority of our production to hydroelectricity-savvy Vietnam to minimize our environmental footprint.

In an effort to continually make improvements, we plan to embark on a lifecycle assessment of our materials to determine where our carbon/greenhouse gas emissions are most prevalent. We also recognize the opportunity to reduce other significant air emissions. Our restricted substances policy outlines our expectations of supply chain partners when using substances that are known to have an environmental impact. We make it a habit of regularly reviewing the policy to ensure we're current on legal restrictions, not to mention, we provide ongoing training and monitoring, so our partners are aware of our stringent requirements.


Given our river roots, we appreciate that water is a sparse commodity and do everything in our power to conserve this precious resource. Our Corporate HQ has been outfitted with low-flow fixtures that save approximately 350,000 gallons of water annually. We're making strides outside our buildings as well, planting drought-resistant native plants and rerouting rainfall into a culvert system that feeds the neighboring wetland restoration area.

We're well aware that our largest footprint comes at the production level, which is why we also monitor our supply chain partners' environmental footprint – including water usage. In looking at our materials, all of our leathers are sourced through Leather Working Group certified tanneries which maintain protocols that promote sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry. It's our goal to not only team up with partners who take environmental impact as seriously as we do, but continually drive our partners do to better.


Zero-waste is the goal at our distribution center. And while we're not there (quite yet!), our Moreno Valley Distribution Center is well on its way to becoming a zero-waste facility. We're striving to significantly reduce waste generation at our headquarters, distribution center locations, and key factory partners. How? 3D printing and design either reduces or altogether eliminates samples. The ability to design and print on campus allows our teams to visualize design intent before finalizing samples, effectively reducing samples, errors, and shipping. We also measure waste output among key supply chain partners. We've learned the importance of educating and encouraging our factory partners divert waste. Many partners are eager to do the right thing but lack the tools to achieve their goals. We're doing our part to reduce our waste generation through various channels of our business.



Culture and Philanthropy

Doing good in the world is an essential part of our culture. Read on to hear of some of the organizations Teva proudly supports.  From Los Padres National Forest to the Grand Canyon, we firmly believe in donating to organizations who are working to protect wide, open spaces and foster environmental education. Here's a few of the organizations that we've teamed up with recently.

Grand Canyon Conservancy

Our original sport sandal emerged from the shores of the Grand Canyon in 1984. To help protect this magical place for years to come, we support the Grand Canyon Conservancy and the National Park Service, providing valuable funding for park improvements and fostering youth outdoor education.

Camber Outdoors

Driven by the mission of developing "equity in the outdoors, from boardroom to backcountry," Camber Outdoors offers a variety of programming and initiatives. Members of Camber, like ourselves, commit to accelerating diversity of leadership and participation in the outdoors.

Conservation Alliance

Notably protecting 52 million acres, 3,107 miles of river, and five marine reserves, the Conservation Alliance works to unite the outdoor industry's leading companies under the singular goal of preserving open spaces.

Los Padres National Forest

The only local nonprofit organization to protect wildlife, wilderness, and clean water throughout the Los Padres National Forest, Carrizo Plain National Monument, and public lands along California's central coast, the Los Padres Forest Watch helps preserve the great outdoors for future generations.