Why is it important for children to wear shoes?

The primary purpose of children’s footwear is to protect kids feet from injury (from cuts and grazes as well as hot and cold road surfaces). For infants and toddlers, bare feet are best when learning to walk inside and when outside, look for soft soled shoes so that they can feel what they touch and develop muscle strength.

How do I find the right sandals for my toddler?

The best shoes for toddlers should allow for a little room to grow. Allow for about a thumb's width (around 1 cm) between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe. When buying toddler shoes, don't be tempted to go much larger to try to get a few extra months of wear out of the shoes. Kids sandals that are too big will lead to trips and falls.

How should kids sandals fit?

The base of the sandal should follow the shape of your child’s foot and should be as wide as their foot to provide proper support. Look for a padded sole to provide shock absorption and foot protection. The second is to make sure the length of the shoe is a perfect fit for your feet. You can find the Shoe Size Guide here: